CBD Candles

Our CBD Travel Massage Oil Candles are all natural soy candles are perfect for illuminating and scenting your environment without toxins or parabens. The soy liquifies into a warm, luxurious body and sensual massage oil. The hemp moisturizes while the CBD and essential oils provide relief and comfort.

Anoint, Relax and FIND YOUR NATURAL BLISS! Our Soy based CBD Candles provides over 25 hours of relaxation and fragrance. Each candle is carefully infused with lab-tested hemp-extracted CBD which is deemed helpful against anxiety, stress, pain and other similar troubles. Also infused with essential oil and fragrances which are extracted from natural resources to ensure the utmost perfection in usability. Great for massage, work, meditation, yoga, workouts, insomnia, or just enjoying time with friends & family.

We carry 4 formulas

Lavender Mint
Simply – Unscented
Benevolent Rose

Price: $25 each
Weight: 4 oz

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