Wealth is the net worth of a person, household or nation. Or, it is the value of everything that, at any point in time, is owned minus the value of whatever is owed. And, it is the abundance of valuable resources or material possession controlled by a person, household or government. While wealth can mean different things to different people and what it "is" exactly is often debated and context-dependent, typically defining wealth follows a prescribed set of accounting rules that don't bend. However, when we look at wealth a little more closely, analysis may adapt the strict mathematics of accounting principles to consider the "social" aspects of wealth. At Soul Purpose, this is what we do best. As a socially responsible business, Soul Purpose highly values the "green" and "social" assets, such as a healthy planet, and the human social capital associated with the hard work of "doing well by doing good". Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company considers these assets an invaluable part of the measure of wealth when calculating the net worth of people, households and our world.

How is wealth measured?

While wealth is often measured only by the value of money on a given date, adjusted for how the price of assets, such as land, stocks and bonds may change in the future, the business of Soul Purpose aims to show individuals how to monetize their passion.
Monetizing a passion…what does this mean? We'll come back to that. Please read on.

Why is having more wealth better than having less?

Having wealth is different than going from paycheck to paycheck to meet expenses, and it's not the same thing as being able to afford nice clothes, a great car and to go on vacations at will. And while all these things are a part of what many people want to do, are things some that some– in fact many - people highly value and often experience on the road to creating wealth, real wealth creation is serious business. At Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company, we support our entrepreneurs to understand the difference and take the right steps toward wealth creation and the preservation of capital. The one aspect in determining what wealth "is", that seems to be held as a universal truth is that to create and keep as much of it as possible is highly desired. Why? Because regardless of any one person's particular human need or purpose, access to greater amounts of wealth may allow individuals to:

  • break a cycle of poverty
  • meet all monthly expenses on time
  • have a regular savings plan for emergencies
  • never be in debt
  • have medical, property and casualty, disability and long term care insurance
  • be a first time home owner
  • have life insurance
  • pay taxes on time and do tax planning
  • have a will, and fund college for one's children – maybe for the first time in your family's history


















If you've ever dreamed of having the financial freedom and power to do any or all of these things, becoming a Soul Purpose entrepreneur could be an excellent step in your plan to achieve wealth creation and the preservation of capital for yourself and your loved ones. And without meaning to overwhelm you, these steps really are just the beginning to making and keeping real wealth.

At Soul Purpose, we believe that the individual – you - are central to the creation and management of your own wealth, future and the future of your family. When viewed strictly from an accounting perspective environmental, human and social capital has zero value on the statement of net worth, the basic measure of wealth, but we at Soul Purpose disagree with this approach. No matter what your current job or profession may be, becoming a Soul Purpose business owner/entrepreneur is an excellent opportunity to include in your financial plans. Why? Simply put, our Company's core philosophy stresses the value of the person and the plant, and it supports its entrepreneurs to create real wealth.

And again, why? Because, when people don't have real wealth, this economic condition leads people to see the world in a way that tells them that they never can have real wealth. The result of this is creation and perpetuation of a world defined by classism…lower, middle and upper. It is the soul purpose of Soul Purpose to not only see this change –but in the words of Mahatma Ghandi – "to be" this change in the world.

When we at Soul Purpose speak of empowerment, particularly for women of color, this is what we mean…we strive to change your view of how your life can and should be - both philosophically and financially. Through entrepreneurship and the network marketing business model, we aspire to rid you of financial fear and dependency and to change your conception of the social reality that tells you that you must only forever and for always live from paycheck to paycheck. We aim to inspire you to dream of attaining more education, to build social networks and to accumulate the power to maintain these networks, because this is how wealthy people create and keep their wealth. Let Soul Purpose be that network for you. Earlier, we talked about monetizing your passion…well, this what that means and how it works:


First, you must know what "wealth" means to you.
Do you want to just pay your bills on time or leave millions to your children and to charity, or something in between? Knowing the answer to this question will tell you how to plan for how long and how hard you must work to achieve your
goals. Only you have the power and opportunity to envision your own future.

Next, know your passion. What is really important to you?
At Soul Purpose, we want you to dare to dream. What would you like to see in the world that would make it a better place? What would make you spring out of bed in the morning that you could not wait to do? We at Soul Purpose ask you to re-envision your life as an empty canvas and ask you to paint a picture of what your best life looks like. This is work only you can do.

Then, figure out how much money it will cost to pay for that "thing" or "things" that are in the picture of the life you envisioned for yourself.

Rarely, if ever, can anyone obtain the thing or things most important in life without hard work. Understanding what wealth means to you, what you're passionate about and how much money it will cost to make that passion a reality is how to monetize your passion. As you go, we at Soul Purpose encourage always that "doing well by doing good" is a key to real success.

The next steps involve you making your personal plan and following it. No matter what kind of job you currently have, in order to pay for your dreams, create and preserve wealth, you'll need to take care of the following business. You must:

  • Earn enough money to pay for your current expenses plus save.
  • If your current job does not let you do this, you'll need a second job, a part-time job, or an online job. Being a Soul Purpose entrepreneur could be all that.
  • Set savings goals. By reading and understanding the Soul Purpose Prosperity Plan and participating weekly in our National Prosperity Call, you may receive the training and support to map out your own road to wealth creation, preservation of capital and financial independence.
  • In addition to your earnings, you need to know your expenses - cold. What do you buy, how much do you spend, and where can you cut?
  • Then, make it cost less. All people who have and keep wealth try to lower their expenses-no exceptions.
  • And last, though we've said it already…we need to say it again…SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.

Once you know what wealth means to you, you know your passion and what it will cost to make your dreams come true…again…once you've monetized your passion, then, made it your business to have a job or jobs that pay you enough to cover your current expenses and save, you've set and met savings goals, made a road map to follow toward the creation of your own wealth, and understand and lowered your own personal expenses to spend as little money as you can in order to still live happily – the real fun of being a Soul Purpose entrepreneur may begin.

The Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company can allow you from anywhere to utilize information marketing and the internet to accelerate the growth of your business.

Build your Soul Purpose business by learning and spending whatever time you decide it will take to meet your personal goals. Devote yourself to expanding your Soul Purpose network of customers and entrepreneurs with quality people who share your vision and thoroughly understand the potential for wealth creation that exists in the network marketing business model. You will then be ready to take the more advanced steps in the process of wealth creation and the preservation of capital.

These steps are making sure you are maximizing your income, making smart decisions around money as often as possible, learning to invest money and invest it wisely taking as little financial risk as possible, and never forget to manage your expenses, no matter how much money you have.

When all this is accomplished, you may then begin to do what's called – generalizing multiple passive income streams…in other words…this is when your money starts making money on its own without requiring you to continue to "work" to earn it. While you may certainly congratulate yourself heartily for making it this far, the work of wealth creation and the preservation of capital are quite done. Once you've arrived here, you must take a look at getting some assistant to accomplish the following:

  • Business Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Asset protection
  • Tax Planning
  • Diversification and Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Design
  • Charitable Giving
  • Charitable Gifting
  • Business Succession Planning
  • More Asset Protection
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Estate Planning

At Soul Purpose, we want to support you to understand, create preserve, protect, and share your wealth – in whatever way helps you to experience your soul purpose. Look forward to further presentations of wealth creation and the preservation of capital on our National Prosperity Calls and as a continuing feature of our website.

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