I recently had the good fortune to co-author a book for the Social Venture Network entitled Values Sell – Transforming Purpose into Profit Through Creative Sales and Distribution Strategies, (in bookstores and also available on amazon.com). During this project, my co-author Angela Soper and I interviewed business leaders from over thirty companies around the country and in Canada about how they're using innovation to build strong sales and more effective distribution systems while maintaining their socially responsible values.

As I worked on this project, it struck me that all of us as entrepreneurs can operate values driven businesses and emphasize "doing well by doing good" as we share the Soul Purpose Beauty and Lifestyle story, its products, and the empowering business opportunity with others around the country. Here are a few suggestions for adding social responsibility to your day-to-day business plans:






First, define your values. What is important to you as a person and as a business owner? Act with integrity, honesty, and kindness and it will come back to you.
What issues within society speak to you? Perhaps it's the environment, the welfare of children or healthcare? Consider embracing a cause and incorporating support for it in your business activities. Give back to society as you experience success.
Be a woman or man of your word. Keep your promises, be on time for appointments and help others find solutions to problems.
Support your team members. Lead with your values and sponsor those who share your values.
Partner with organizations that share your values.

Each of us can make a difference. All it takes is a commitment to putting the values you hold dear at the forefront of your actions as an individual and as an entrepreneur. Values do indeed sell—and offer rewards you'll reap for a lifetime.

Nadine Thompson
Founder & CEO
Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company


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