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Soul Purpose Introduces Our New
Entourage – Affiliate Program

Entourage Program Overview

The Entourage Affiliate Program provides an opportunity for social sellers, influencers, bloggers, vloggers and part-time sellers who like doing business across the social media platform to competitively sell our high-quality line of CBD products.

Due to the high cost of US grown, full-spectrum CBD and the markup needed for direct sales, it is a challenge to market many of our products in our home party channel. To meet that challenge we have designed a lucrative affiliate program that will allow our social media sellers to offer our CBD products at a competitive price to their communities.

How It Works

Our Soul Purpose Entourage Affiliate program creates an opportunity for people to have their own online CBD store.

Imagine sharing the benefits of CBD with friends, family, and customers, while having your own online dispensary. The Affiliate program will allow you to purchase products at a 25% discount and re-sell to your own customers or purchase them right online and ship them to your customers.

Our introductory program will provide you with a simple code to start receiving your discount immediately.

What Makes Our Products Great?

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp.

Although hemp is part of the cannabis family, we offer hemp CBD oil for sale that contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive properties commonly associated with cannabis. This means you can buy hemp CBD oil from us and trust that you are getting completely legal products.

Our products are also full-spectrum CBD and grown in the USA.

About Our Suppliers

Entourage CBD Essentials is a trusted seller of superior cannabidiol (CBD). We are passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality CBD-rich products in the market. Unlike other companies, we don’t subscribe to the philosophy of selling products that only contain small ineffective amounts of CBD, hoping their customers have a placebo effect. Our goal is to provide our customers with a powerful product that contain more milligrams of CBD and yet sell for the same price as our competitor’s product containing significantly less CBD.

Unlike most sellers in the CBD industry, we partner with suppliers who own and operate the manufacturing facility where these CBD extracts distilled. They follow the best practices in the hemp industry sourcing from a handpicked group of organic farmers so that they can extract and produce a superior quality CBD product. We are confident that what you receive is pure, potent and packed with therapeutic benefits.

Our line of CBD products are made with full-spectrum CBD, and we offer multiple potency and concentrations, so you can personalize your CBD experience ensuring that you feel great and get the relief you need.


Topical CBD

Topical products are applied right to trouble areas so that the CBD oil can work directly on the area where it’s needed most. With CBD topicals, the healing compound and other hemp-derived nutrients are almost immediately absorbed directly through your skin, allowing them to target the affected area for quicker and more focused effects.

A quality CBD topical cream provides the advantage of being able to apply the active hemp extract directly to the site of aggravation or discomfort. This is particularly useful for application to joint areas or superficial muscle tissue, as the cannabidiol compound will diffuse across the dermal layers directly to the site of annoyance.

Ingestible CBD

Ingesting CBD products orally causes CBD and other compounds to enter the bloodstream, which elicits full-body effects and takes up to 2 hours or more before those effects are experienced.

Why CBD?

  • Reportedly miraculous for treating everything from inflammation to chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, CBD oil has taken the health & beauty world by storm. Our skin has native receptors for cannabis extracts, which means they’re quickly recognized by the body and utilized accordingly.
  • CBD oils can be swallowed or applied topically – blend it with your face oil, add it to coffee or place two drops under your tongue and get ready for miraculous results.
  • An ideal way to introduce the health and beauty benefits of (non-psychoactive) cannabis extracts (this year’s ‘it’ ingredient). Taking the wellness world by storm – and swiftly shrugging off their links to marijuana – cannabinoids are jam-packed with a cocktail of nutrients and antioxidants, instantly identifiable by the body’s inbuilt ‘ecannabinoid’ system, and proven to help re-establish systems’ equilibrium.
  • CBD is also brilliant for skin (it’s ideal if you’re plagued by sensitivity or scaly skin conditions such as eczema) – replenishing cells’ reservoirs and boosting their reserves of precious beneficial nutrients.

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Social Media Integration

Entourage wants to make it easy for social influencers, bloggers, and social sellers to be successful. We have partnered with leaders in direct sales/multi-media/social media IT industry to create a state of the art social selling platform.
Our new platform enables you to amplify the volume of “your story” and “your testimonies” by using powerful online marketing solutions including a personal website that is optimized for mobile and integrates with social media, and automated marketing campaigns.

We designed a responsive design system for the ultimate user experience which is familiar across all devices and can be easily managed.

Our goal is to simplify your affiliate/social selling experience. Giving you the information you need, when you need it and make it mobile. You can enroll prospects and they can shop from whichever device they use, wherever they are in your world.

Product Overview

Soul Purpose – Entourage has created a “best of the best” CBD collection for our Affiliate and direct to consumer program.

We have a variety of topical as well as ingestible products.

  • Verdure: CBD Soft Gels
  • Solace: CDB Roll On relief (2 sizes)
  • Alchemy: CBD tincture drops (2 flavors)
  • Reprieve: A line of topical creams for muscle and joint discomfort. Includes warming cream and a cooling cream.
  • Antidote: CBD & B12 Energy Drops
  • Nocturnal: CBD & Melatonin Sleep Support Drops
  • Restore CBD Body Cream


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Relieves Anxiety and Stress
  • Promotes Better Sleep
  • Supports Heart Health
  • Fights Chronic Pain
  • Enhances Focus and Clarity
  • Legal in All 50 States

Mental Health & CBD

Stress can arise for a variety of reasons and pervade our lives; it’s in our daily life, the workplace, family, and relationships. A traumatic accident, death, or emergency situation can be a trigger, or stress can be a side effect of a serious illness or disease. It’s become increasingly difficult to stay calm and relaxed in our hectic lives. As women, we have many roles: spouse, mother, caregiver, friend, and/or worker. With all we have going on in our lives, it seems almost impossible to find ways to de-stress. But it’s important to find those ways, because your health depends on it.

Stress can take on many different forms, and therefore contribute to symptoms of illness. Common symptoms include headache, sleep disorders, difficulty concentrating, irritability, digestive issues, apathy, low morale, depression, and anxiety. Chronic stress is real and can increase the risk for health problems, like depression, heart conditions, and chronic digestive issues to name a few.

The Intersectionality of Stress

Both short and long-term stress can have detrimental effects on your body. Research is starting to show that high-stress levels can trigger changes in our bodies, making us more likely to get sick. Stress can also worsen existing conditions, which in turn causes more stress, compounding in a cycle of physical and emotional distress.

BOTH MEN AND WOMEN are affected by the challenges of stress in our lives. Soul Purpose’s market is mostly comprised of black women, both as consultants and customers. Black women in particular face extraordinarily high levels of stress due to the intersection of gender, race, socioeconomic status, and social injustice. Providing support around these issues can be a blessing for this community, and well-informed consultants will be excellent brand ambassadors for CBD-based products.

Stress in Women Minorities

What is stress?

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension that can emerge from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. In short bursts stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline. However, when stress becomes chronic, it can have detrimental effects on your wellbeing.

Stress is triggered by external factors called stressors. Anxiety is stress that continues after the stressor is gone. Chronic stress is stress that lasts for longer than weeks or months.

You can become accustomed to chronic stress, and you might not realize it is a problem, unmanaged, until it leads to health problems. Over time, chronic stress puts you at risk for a wealth of ailments including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, menstrual problems, and skin problems such as acne or eczema. If you already have a health condition, chronic stress can make it worse.

CBD can be an effective tool in the reduction and management of stress.

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