Foot Care

Experience the Soul Purpose Foot Care difference.

Soul Purpose carries our special foot soak, foot scrub, foot cream, and foot spray. Our exclusive foot soak blend will soften, deodorize and reduce swelling and odor. Our foot scrub exfoliates and renews dry, rough, hard-working feet, leaving them smooth, soft, conditioned and refreshed. Our luxurious foot cream softens hard-working, rough, dry feet and helps keep them moisturized, protected and nourished throughout the day. Our refreshing and deodorizing foot spray helps to overcome foot odor and leaves you feeling cool and refreshed.

Foot scrub

Price: $30 each
Weight: 15.3 oz

Foot soak 

Price: $22 each
Weight: 16.7 oz

Foot balm

Price: $12 each
Weight: .5 oz

Foot spray

Price: $12 each
Weight: 4.43 oz

Foot cream

Price: $15 each
Weight: 4 oz

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