Congratulations and welcome back to Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company, we are excited to have you rejoin our community and participate in Soul Purpose 2.0.

Please browse our new website to read about all of our exciting new products and empowering business opportunities.

Soul Purpose continues to be a part of the Youngevity Global Community and we are honored to be in partnership with them.


  • If you do not remember your ID number please call Youngevity Customer Services (800-982-3197) and they will be able to help you locate your ID number. You will need to provide your contact information for them to locate you in the system.
  • The only thing you need to do to be considered active again is to place an order.
  • You can re-subscribe to EMMA (the Soul Purpose website, email, eCards, etc), if you wish to, by logging into your EMMA account at and clicking on the “check your subscription” link in the center of the home page.
  • If you don’t wish to re-subscribe you can just select the “business center” from the Web Tools menu and EMMA will launch your Youngevity Home Office in a new window where you can edit your profile information and make any changes to addresses, etc from there.
  • If you have your Soul Purpose ID, you will not have to pay a “start-up fee” – you basically would just need to start ordering the product again to be considered an active Entrepreneur.
  • Sample ID # looks like this: YNGSP100770000

Login instructions for EMMA. Click to expand!

Important Contact Information:

EMMA Support –

Youngevity Support –

Phone Orders – (800)982-3197

Customer Service – (800)982-3189

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